Philadelphia Football Robbin Season Shirt

Dallas will get destroyed when they host the NFC Championship game against the Superbowl champions Philadelphia Eagles. Jim, you have to stop playing too soft on defense. You have cost…


Sancho 69 Cochino Any Time Any Place Shirt

To kiwis: Stop calling South Auckland Pasifika youth kiwis. You only call us kiwis when we do something big but reject us in public every day. Bro doesn’t be distracted…


Drums Are The Bacon Of Music Shirt

I love this. I miss the town of Longmont. I miss the people of Longmont. I miss the businesses of Longmont. Everything about this city speaks to who I feel…


Patriots Man Shirt

I heard P Diddy was upset no one is remembering his performance that yr with Justin and Janet Jackson wow need attention much and Diddy who. Sorry but never understood…


Olivia And Meredith Best Friend Deadpool Shirt

People that keep complaining about spoilers need to just not be fans of this page until they’ve seen the movie or something. This is getting ridiculous. For those who are annoyed…

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