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I Am A Voter T Shirt

  • I Am A Voter T Shirt
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  1. mdphotox on

    Bought this shirt for my husband for Christmas. It has quickly become a favorite of his. He gets compliments on it. Fit was perfect.

  2. Nangphotox on

    I am a big fan of most of Tommy Hilfiger’s designs. This T-shirt looks like a simple and straightforward T- shirt but actually has a few touches which makes this look and feel great while still looking like an “ordinary” T-shirt. For starters the material is not 100% cotton and is instead a blend of cotton, polyester, and viscose. This makes the T-shirt look smooth and fit without many wrinkles or shrinkage. The other detail that sets this apart is that the cut makes this more roomy than it appears. A standard T-shirt can be a bit snug around the sleeves but this has a bit more room and allows this to look and feel more relaxed and comfortable. The final touch is the small and subtle Tommy Badge on the front of the T-shirt… the perfect way to brand flash without looking gaudy. The price is a bit steep for a T-shirt but when you consider the fit and the comfort this is well worth the slight price premium

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